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Olympic Day Run 2006 - Go Active!


Under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the annual spectacular sports event, Olympic Day Run (ODR) 2006 was successfully held on 18 June 2006 (Sunday) at 8:30 a.m. at Wanchai Sports Ground to offer around 3,000 citizens an opportunity to show their commitment to lead a Sporting Lifestyle. The ODR was organized by Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (SF&OC), subvented by Leisure & Cultural Services Department (LCSD) and co-organized by Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association.  In response to IOC’s appeal, the theme of this year’s Run is “GO ACTIVE!”.

This year, there were eight corporate teams taking part in the Run, which marked an encouraging sign of Hong Kong business / community sectors’ support in promoting a “Sporting Lifestyle” to their staff members, hence setting up a positive example to preach the citizens to adopt a healthy lifestyle through running.  The appearance of (Hong Kong Thai Aerobic Team: Mr. TSANG Chi Cheung, Ms. CHAN Wai Kit and Dr. Laurena LAW), Gold Medalists of the Thai Aerobic Team Event in World Amateur Muaythai Championships 2006 who demonstrated Thai Aerobic and led warm up exercises with all participants led the climax of the morning.

During the Opening Ceremony, the President of SF&OC, The Hon. Timothy T. T. FOK, GBS, JP, said: “We are very pleased that several sports celebrities from East Asian countries are here to participate this meaningful event and to support all citizens to “Go Active”, and we hope that “ODR” will be another successful step forward in encouraging all to develop a sporting lifestyle”.  In the same event, President FOK also declared the closing of the three-months long XLIX Festival of Sport started in March 2006.

Asian Games Fun Run
Following the magnificent Opening Ceremony, participants set off from Wanchai Sports Ground immediately, they ran along Tonnochy Road and Fenwick Pier Street and passed through the turning point at Citic Tower.  On their way back, runners passed through the Golden Bauhinia Square and returned back to Wanchai Sports Ground.  Right after the finished of the ODR, a joint celebration event of 15th Doha Asian Games namely “Asian Games Fun Run” also commenced with around 350 students ran for about 2 km. The Mascot “Orry” also appeared at the sports ground to meet all the participants.
Other highlights included 17 Games Booths managed by SF&OC, LCSD, Bank of China (Hong Kong) and 11 National Sports Associations including Hong Kong Canoe Union, Hong Kong DanceSport Association Limited, Hong Kong Go Association Limited, Hong Kong Muay Thai Association Limited, Hong Kong Netball Association, Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, China Limited, Hong Kong Rugby Football Union, South China Athletic Association, Hong Kong Squash, Hong Kong Wushu Union Limited and Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong.  The booths were organized with different themes (e.g. mini-games, sports demonstration, display of sports gear, magic performance etc.) for the enjoyment of all participants in the morning of the Father’s Day.  

Surely, “ODR” had steadily become part of the annual sporting event with an important group of sport enthusiasts attending year after year.  This year’s Run would not be so successful without the support from of various organizations and commercial sponsors including Major Sponsor: Bank of China (Hong Kong); Subvented Organization: Leisure & Cultural Services Department; Co-organizer: Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association, Silver Sponsor: Samsung Electronics H.K. Co. Limited; Official Sponsors: Swire Coca-Cola HK and adidas Hong Kong Limited.

Issued by:        Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China
Date:            18 June 2006