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2003 Olympic Day Run - “Support Hong Kong Sport” (22 June 2003, Sunday)


The annual Olympic Day Run was successfully held on 22 June 2003 in Wanchai Sports Ground. This year’s Run, after the attack of SARS to the territory, was well received by the community with a record high registration of 2000 from general public as well as the appearances of high ranking government officers including: the Hon. Stephen Lam Sui-lung, Secretary for Constitutional Affairs of Constitutional Affairs Bureau, the Hon. Mrs. Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai, President of the Legislative Council, the Hon. Cheng Yiu-tong, member of the Executive Council, Mr. Victor C.F. Hui, Chairman of the Hong Kong Sports Development Board, Mr. Siu Yu Bun, the Deputy Director (Leisure Services) of Leisure & Cultural Services Department and the Hon. Kenneth Ting Woo-shou, and the Hon. Ip Kwok-him of the Legislative Council etc.

Local sports heroes, such as Mr. Tang Hon Sing of the HK Amateur Athletic Association, Ms. Chiu Wing Yin, Rebecca of the HK Squash, Mr. Yau Kin Wai and Mr. Fan Chun Yip of the HK Football Association, Mr. So Wa Wai and Ms. Yu Chui Yee of the HK Sports Assn. For the Physically Disabled, Mr. Wu Siu Hong of HK Tenpin Bowling Congress, Ms. Li Fai of the HK Wushu Union and commercials corporations had also showed their supports by taking part in the Run.

“This year’s Run has its of great significance to we Hong Kong people apart from its memorial to the foundation date of International Olympic Committee on 23 June 1894. Today’s Run reflects the solidarity of our community. We are all optimistic to the way before us. It is the main objective of the SF&OC to build up a strong and healthy community through sports.” the Hon. Timothy T. T. Fok, President of the SF&OC said after the Run.

To match with the theme of this year’s Run “Support Hong Kong Sports”, all invited guests and sports elites were invited to express their good wishes to Hong Kong Sports by hanging their “good wish medals” onto the Good Wish Trees specially made by the Organizing Committee for the occasion. The Hon. Timothy T. T. Fok wished Hong Kong hosting more major international sports events in future while sports elites wished retired athletes would have a better protection.

After the Opening Ceremony, 2000 more participants set off from Wanchai Sports Ground, they ran along Tonnochy Road and Fenwick Pier Street and passed through the turning point at Citic Tower. On their way back, runners passed through the Golden Bauhinia Square and returned back to Wanchai Sports Ground. Since the Run is not on the swift, most participants finished the 4 km distance with great enjoyment. Among them, 30 lucky participants were each given a chance to take photos with their idol athletes in additional to a T-shirt and a Certificate by the International Olympic Committee awarded to all runners.

Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China
22 June 2003