Election Results of SF&OC Athletes Committee Members Nominated by NSAs


The Federation had earlier invited NSAs to nominate candidates from their respective sports to fill the posts in the SF&OC Athletes Committee. Four qualified nominations were received for the Olympic Games sports category while no nomination was received for the Asian Games sports category, the two posts of which will be left vacant.

 Since the number of nominations exceeds the number of posts in the Olympic Games sports category, an election was held between 29 August to 12 September 2016.  A total of 60 voting forms have been received, of which 52 were valid and 8 were invalid.  The results are as follows:

Candidates                                  No. of votes received

Ms. LAM Samantha                    8

* Mr. LEE Chi Wo, Daniel           42

* Ms. LEE Ka Man, Carmen       30

* Ms. YIP Pui Yin                        27

The Federation declared that the three candidates labelled with “*” are elected through receiving the highest number of votes. Their tenure will start from the conclusion of the 371st Council Meeting until the 67th Annual General Meeting to be held in 2018.

The full membership of the Athletes Committee for the term 2016-2018 is as follows:


Nominated by SF&OC:

Mr. CHAN King Yin

Mr. WONG Kam Po

Ms. Stephanie AU

Mr. LI Ching


Nominated by NSAs:

Mr. LEE Chi Wo, Daniel

Ms. LEE Ka Man, Carmen

Ms. YIP Pui Yin


Ex-officio Member:

Mr. Ronnie WONG (member of Olympic Council of Asia Athletes’ Committee who represents Hong Kong)


The Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson will be elected by Athletes Committee Members among themselves at the first meeting.


The Federation is satisfied with the overall electoral arrangements and would like to thank NSAs, voters and candidates for their co-operation, which enabled the election to be conducted in an open and fair manner.


Secretariat, Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

14 September 2016