SF&OC’s Statement in Response to the Sexual Assault Case of Athlete


In response to the sexual assault case of hurdling athlete Vera Lui, the Federation would like to make the following statement:

The Federation takes a zero tolerance stance on sexual harassment and assault.  To ensure that athletes can train and compete in a safe and professional environment, the Federation has formulated a set of policy and guidelines on the prevention and handling of this issue seriously.  Some anti-sexual harassment measures taken by the Federation in the past are given below:

- In response to the International Olympic Committee (IOC)’s ‘Consensus Statement on “Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Sport”’, the Federation assisted the IOC in developing a toolkit for safeguarding athletes from harassment and abuse in sport, and thus enabling other National Olympic Committees to develop relevant procedures and mechanisms;

- Distribution of “SF&OC Policy and Guidelines on Prevention of Sexual Harassment” to National Sports Associations (NSAs) as a reference for them to formulate their own anti-sexual harassment policies;

- Assisting the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) in conducting the “Sexual Harassment Questionnaire Survey for Sports Sector” to raise the sports sector’s awareness of the issue; and

- Organizing the “Seminar on Formulation of Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy in Sports Sector” for NSAs, coaches and athletes, in conjunction with EOC and another government department, to help enhance the sports sector’s understanding of sexual harassment, relevant laws and developing anti-sexual harassment policies / mechanisms, etc.

The Federation would appeal to all athletes who have experienced sexual harassment to come forward. They should tell the incident to someone they trust and seek help from their respective NSAs and/or the police. The Federation strives to safeguard athletes during training and competition period and condemns any form of sexual harassment and assault.

Issued by:       Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

Date:               30 November 2017