SF&OC’s Statement in Response to SCMP’s Article “Hong Kong Olympic Committee U-turns on punishing coaches for sex offences”


In response to the captioned article published on 3 December 2017 by SCMP, the Federation would like to clarify our stance as below:

- The Federation has always respected the autonomy of all local National Sports Associations (NSAs).  As a rule, the Federation does not interfere with their daily management and operations.  When the Federation receives a complaint or allegation of sexual harassment / assault, it will be referred to the NSA concerned for handling in accordance with their established policy and procedures. 

- If, in the Federation’s opinion, the NSA does not handle the case in an appropriate manner, the Federation may consider imposing a sanction on the NSA concerned in accordance with the Olympic Charter, Code of Ethics of the International Olympic Committee and/or the Federation’s Articles of Association.

- During the Games period, when the Federation leads the Hong Kong, China Delegation to participate in overseas multi-sports Games, Delegation Members are required to sign undertakings on having read and understood the Federation’s Policy and Guidelines on Prevention of Sexual Harassment.  The Federation is therefore duty-bound to uphold the discipline of Delegation Members and to protect the safety of athletes.  If a sexual harassment / assault allegation arises during the Games, the Federation shall have the power to take appropriate actions against the offender, including dismissal or suspension from the Delegation. 

Meanwhile, the Federation is contemplating a series of action including a new round of anti-sexual harassment survey and training session for the sports sector with a view to further disseminate the message of safeguarding athletes from harassment and abuse in sport.  Consideration will also be taken to include anti-sexual harassment policy and guidelines to relevant persons as prerequisites for new and existing members of the Federation.

Issued by:       Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

Date:               4 December 2017