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Presentation Ceremony of Commemorative Plaque to Sports Celebrities receiving Honour Roll 2011


20 December 2011:  In recognition of the significant contribution by the sports fraternity of Hong Kong, the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China held a special Presentation Ceremony of Commemorative Plaques to 53 persons in this year’s Honour Roll in the Olympic House.

Out of 53 HKSAR Honour Roll this year, two were awarded Grand Bauhinia Medal; five were awarded Gold Bauhinia Star; six for Bronze Bauhinia Star; nine for Medal of Honour and twenty-nine for Chief Executive’s Commendation for Community Service, while two were appointed as Justice of the Peace. Among the Honour Roll recipients, a number of athletes and their coaches, who achieved great success in the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games, were also awarded in recognition and appreciation of their outstanding achievements and for the encouragement to their continue success in future events.  The awardees in 2011 are as follows:

Grand Bauhinia Medal (GBM)
Mr. LEUNG Chun Ying, GBM, GBS, JP

Gold Bauhinia Star (GBS)
Ms. Christina TING Yuk Chee, GBS, JP
Mr. Justice Anthony Gordon ROGERS, GBS, JP
Mr. Jack. SO Chak Kwong, GBS, JP
Mr. TANG King Shing, GBS, PMSM, PDSM
Dr. CHAN Tung, GBS, JP

Bronze Bauhinia Star (BBS)
Mr. Herman HU Shao Ming, BBS, JP
Dr. Simon KWOK Siu Ming, BBS, JP
Mr. Rock CHEN Chung Nin, BBS
Ms. Vivien LAU Chiang Chu, BBS, JP
Mr. SHEN Jin Kang, BBS
Mr. Joseph TAM Sik Yeung, BBS

Medal of Honour (MH)
Mr. Steven Patrick Marie Josee WONG, MH
Miss NG On Yee, MH
Miss LEE Wai Sze, MH
Miss GENG Xiao Ling, MH
Mr. Karl KWOK Chi Leung, MH
Mr. CHAN Chun Hing, MH
Mr. Nelson YIP Siu Hong, MH
Miss Jaique IP Wan In, MH
Miss SO Man Yan, MH

Justice of the Peace (JP)
Mrs. Carrie YAU TSANG Ka Lai, GBS, JP
Mr. David MUI Ying Yuen, MH, JP

Chief Executive’s Commendation for Community Service
Mr. WAN Hon Yin
Mr. Christopher John PERRY
Mr. CHOW Kwong Wing
Mr. SO Sau Wah
Mr. YU Kwong Wah
Miss JIANG Hua Jun
Mr. CHEUNG Siu Lun
Miss AU Sin Ying
Mr. CHEUNG King Lok
Mr. Marco KWOK Ho Ting
Mr. CHOI Ki Ho
Miss Jamie WONG Wan Yiu
Miss CHAN Ho Ling
Miss LIU Tsz Ling
Mr. HE Jingde
Miss Hayley Victoria CHAN Hei Man
Mr. YIU Kam Shing
Mr. FAN Shun Kei
Mr. Mark Edward WRIGHT
Mr. Simon LEUNG Ho Yam
Mr. KWOK Ka Chun
Mr. TSANG Hing Hung
Mr. Rowan VARTY
Mr. Anthony Nicholas HAYNES
Mr. Edward Daniel HAYNES
Mr. James Paul HOOD
Mr. Sebastian James Alexander PERKINS
Mr. Keith James ROBERTSON    

Issued by: Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China
Issue Date: 20 December 2011