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Presentation Ceremony of SF&OC Incentive Awards & Junior Incentive Awards 2010


In recognition of the outstanding performance and achievements of the athletes in the Multi-Sports Games and International / Asian Championships, the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China organized the Presentation Ceremony of “SF&OC Incentive Awards & Junior Incentive Awards 2010” today (5 May 2011) at the President Office at Olympic House.

The Federation was granted the incentive awards from its savings to 30 member Associations amounting to HK$828,280 and HK$208,700 for Incentive Awards 2010 and Junior Incentive Awards 2010 respectively. The total Awards amount is HK$1,036,980 and the Awards were given to the following member Associations:-

1.    Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association Limited
2.    Hong Kong Badminton Association Limited
3.    Hong Kong Billiard Sport Control Council Company Limited
4.    Hong Kong China Bodybuilding & Fitness Association
5.    Hong Kong Canoe Union
6.    Hong Kong Chinese Chess Association
7.    Hong Kong Cycling Association
8.    Hong Kong DanceSport Association
9.    Hong Kong Equestrian Federation
10.    Hong Kong Fencing Association
11.    Hong Kong Go Association Limited
12.    Hong Kong Golf Association Limited
13.    The Gymnastics Association of Hong Kong, China
14.    The Karatedo Federation of Hong Kong, China Limited
15.    Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association
16.    Hong Kong Sports Association for Mentally Handicapped
17.    Hong Kong Paralympic Committee & Sports Association for the Physically Disabled
18.    Hong Kong, China Rowing Association
19.    Hong Kong Rugby Football Union
20.    Hong Kong Sailing Federation
21.    Hong Kong Shooting Association
22.    Hong Kong Squash
23.    Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association
24.    Hong Kong Table Tennis Association Limited
25.    Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress Limited
26.    Hong Kong Triathlon Association
27.    Hong Kong Water Ski Association
28.    Hong Kong Weightlifting and Powerlifting Association
29.    Windsurfing Association of Hong Kong
30.    Hong Kong Wushu Union Limited

Issued by Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China
Date: 5 May 2011