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Response to the HKSAR Government’s commitment in building the Kai Tak Sports Complex as originally scheduled


There have been hot debates in the city recently on the relocation of the Kai Tak Sports Complex which has been planned for more than ten years. The Federation welcomes the HKSAR Government’s announcement, recently made at the Press Conference convened by Chief Secretary Carrie LAM together with TSANG Tak Sing, Secretary for Home Affairs and Paul CHAN Mo Po, Secretary for Development on 26 October 2012 that the government would continue to build a sports hub in Kai Tak according to the original plan. The Federation deeply appreciates the wise decision made by the new HKSAR Government which is only in office for a few months after listening to the voice of the community.

The local sports sector has been backing up the administration of HKSAR Government over the years.  In view of the recent premature suggestion of having to sacrifice the original plan of building the Sports Complex at Kai Tak for providing urban sites to meet the housing land shortage problems, we, an awakened roaring lion, have no other alternatives but to recently voice our justified demands publicly.

It is nice to see that the HKSAR Government, despite protracted views, did not listen unilaterally and promptly made a wise decision from various perspectives to clear the queries raised by the local sports sector.  As such, the HKSAR Government has guarded its integrity and committed to undertake a major item of infra-structure which is definitely beneficial to the long term development of Hong Kong.

Last but not least, the Federation wishes to express its appreciation to the individuals, organizations and its affiliated National Sports Associations for their prompt response made in the past two days on the subject.  The Federation would also express its gratitude to the above-mentioned three HKSAR Government officials on making public commitment in continuing to build the Sports Complex at Kai Tak as originally planned.  We wish the local community will, based on maintaining good livelihood and harmony, progress towards prosperity and stability.


(English version being the translation of the text originally written in Chinese)