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First Olympism Camp 2013


Jointly organised by the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (Federation) and the Hong Kong Sports Institute Limited (HKSI), the Opening Ceremony for the first Olympism Camp was held on 20 February 2013 (today) morning at the Salvation Army Bradbury Camp, Cheung Chau. Officiating guests including the Hon. MA Fung-kwok, SBS, JP, Legislative Councillor representing the Sports, Performing Arts, Culture and Publication Functional Constituency, Miss Petty LAI, Acting Deputy Secretary (Recreation and Sports) of the Home Affairs Bureau, Mr. Carlson TONG, JP, Board Chairman of the Hong Kong Sports Institute Limited and Mr. PANG Chung, SBS, Honorary Secretary General of the Federation cum Acting Chairman of the Hong Kong Olympic Academy were invited to give speech.

Mr. PANG Chung mentioned in the Ceremony that, starting from this year, the Federation would put much effort in promoting Olympism and Olympic values to athletes, students and community through various channels. This Olympism Camp was the kick-off event for the whole promotion. The Federation will continue to arrange experienced athletes to local primary and secondary schools in various districts to organise the Olympism Talk during school hours, and, organise the “Youth Olympism Education Camp” during summer and winter holidays.

Mr. Carlson TONG stated that “Elite athletes are always be prepared to perform excellence, strive for their bests in competitions and ultimately aiming at winning medals for Hong Kong. Inhis camp, I believe, through the education of Olympism and Olympic values, athletes will not only uplift their self-value being an elite athlete, but also bring positive influence to their entourage and the community.”

The Hon. MA Fung-kwok appreciated this valuable occasion in meeting with the related stakeholders in sports industry. He added that being the representative for the sports constituency in the Legislative Council, he will endeavour to fight for reasonable resources from the HKSAR Government for the betterment of the Hong Kong sports development in the long run.

Event brief:

The first Olympism Camp 2013, being held on 20 – 22 February 2013 at the Salvation Army Bradbury Camp, Cheung Chau attracted 35 serving elite athletes’ participation. Through lectures, morning exercises, team building activities and competitions, athletes will learn and experience the importance of Olympism and Olympic values and then further assimilate them into their daily lives.


Issued by:        Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

20 February 2013