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Results Announcement of Panasonic Sports Scholarship Programme 2013 - 2014


The Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China and the Shun Hing Group today jointly officially announced the 10 awardees of the Panasonic Sports Scholarship Programme 2013-2014 (Programme).

Having gone through the selection process by the Selection Committee of the Programme, comprising Dr. F. K. HU, GBS, JP, Chairman, Mr. PANG Chung, SBS, BBS, Vice Chairman, together with Members including Mr. Ronnie M. C. WONG, JP, Prof. LEUNG Mee Lee and Mr. Kenneth K. K. FOK and the endorsement by Shun Hing Group. The Scholarship was awarded to the following ten athletes:-:

Nominated by                                                                                                        Awardees

Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association Limited                                          Mr. TSUI Chi Ho

Hong Kong Badminton Association Limited                                                   Mr. WONG Wing Ki, Vincent

Hong Kong Cycling Association                                                                        Mr. KWOK Ho Ting, Marco

Hong Kong Fencing Association                                                                       Miss AU Sin Ying

The Gymnastics Association of Hong Kong, China                                      Mr. SHEK Wai Hung

The Gymnastics Association of Hong Kong, China                                      Miss WONG Hiu Ying, Angel

Hong Kong, China Rowing Association                                                          Mr. TANG Chiu Mang

Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association                                                 Mr. TAM Ka Ming

Hong Kong Table Tennis Association                                                             Miss LEE Ho Ching

Hong Kong Tennis Association Limited                                                          Miss ZHANG Ling 


Under the Programme, each of the awardees would receive a total subsidy of HK$150,000 within 18 months falling within the period between May 2013 and October 2014.  The Sports Scholarship would assist them to better prepare and strive for the best results in the Incheon 2014 Asian Games in Korea by providing financial support towards the cost of their training, specialized coaching service, medical and scientific assistance.

Finally, the Federation would like to take this opportunity to express its heartfelt thanks to the Shun Hing Group for their generous contribution towards Hong Kong sports development.


Issued by: Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

14 June 2013