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Celebration for the Hong Kong Delegation’s triumphant return from the Incheon 2013 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games


The Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (Federation) hosted a Welcome Home Reception at The Park Lane Hong Kong today (23 July 2013) to celebrate Hong Kong, China Delegation to the Incheon 2013 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games (AIMAG) returned from Korea with remarkable results.

The Federation was honoured to have invited Mr. Timothy T.T. FOK, GBS, JP, President of the Federation to officiate at the Reception. Miss Petty LAI, Acting Deputy Secretary for Home Affairs, Miss Olivia CHAN, JP, Assistant Director (Leisure Services), Mr. Karl C. KWOK, MH, Chef de Mission, Ms. Vivien C.C. LAU, BBS, JP, Deputy Chef de Mission and Mr. PANG Chung, SBS, BBS, Hon. Secretary General of the Federation were also invited to present souvenirs to the medallists who won laurels in the AIMAG as an encouragement and recognition for their great achievement.

The AIMAG was held from 29 June to 6 July 2013 at Incheon, Korea. Hong Kong sent 67 athletes to participate in 7 sports events namely the Baduk (Go), Billiard Sports, Bowling, DanceSport, Futsal, Muay and Short Course Swimming in the AIMAG.  The Delegation attained 17 medals, including 3 Gold, 4 Silver and 10 Bronze in the five sports events, i.e. Billiard Sports, Bowling, DanceSport, Muay and Short Course Swimming, ranked at 8th in the medal tally (as detailed at the Appendix). 

In 2013, apart from the AIMAG, Hong Kong Delegation will also participate in the 2nd Asian Youth Games to be held in Nanjing in August and the 6th East Asian Games to be held in Tianjin in October.  The Federation would like to wish Hong Kong athletes every success in these coming two Games.

Finally, the Federation would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude again to the Home Affairs Bureau and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department for their staunch support, FILA Marketing (Hong Kong) Limited for its sponsorship of sportswear, and Korean Air for its concessionary sponsorship of air tickets to the Hong Kong Delegation.


Issued by:        Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

Date:               23 July 2013