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The Federation response to media query on the Hong Kong Delegation's presence at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games


Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games Hong Kong, China Delegation (Delegation) has just returned to Hong Kong today (12 February 2014), the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (Federation) appreciated the warm of the media for the Delegation.  Upon our verification, the Federation would like to clarify the following four points on the comments of the Hong Kong athlete having completed in the captioned Games.

1. Responsibilities of International Olympic Committee (IOC) Member, President and Hon. Secretary General of the Federation, and the size of the Delegation

According to the common practice of International Multi-Sports Games (e.g. Olympic Games, Asian Games), President and Hon. Secretary General of National Olympic Committees of each country/ region are the invited VIP guests for the Games.  In addition, also as the IOC Member, Mr. Timothy T.T. FOK, as National Olympic Committee President would attend events held by the IOC during the Games.  According to the common practice, the President and the Hon. Secretary General would not be counted in the quota of the Delegation.      

According to the rules of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee (SWOGOC), based on Hong Kong had one athlete qualified for the Games, 4 head counts quota were allocated, thus, the Delegation consists of: one Chef de Mission (i.e., Mr. Ronnie M.C. WONG), one Headquarter Official (i.e., Mr. Edward K.F. CHOW), one Coach (i.e., Mr. LU Shuo) and one Athlete (i.e., Mr. Barton LUI Pan To), they were entitled to stay in the Athletes’ Village.


2. Quota and Responsibility of the Delegation

In response to the request of the Hong Kong Skating Union Limited (HKSU), the Federation offered the quota of Attaché to HKSU, which is the same arrangement of the last Winter Olympic Games.  HKSU were free to nominate whom would take the role of Attaché and responsible to arrange accommodations at Sochi.  Finally, HKSU decided to nominate Ms. YIP Siu Yin, Chairperson of HKSU to take the position the Attaché. In respect of some queries why this quota was not allocated to a team doctor, as the Federation was not involved in the decision making process of HKSU, the Federation has no comments.

Generally, the role of Attaché would normally be taken by local residence of the host country.  For example, if the event is held in Korea, then Korea would recommend a local person to take the role of Attaché of the Hong Kong, China Delegation, so the SWOGOC would not arrange accommodations to Attaché, hence, Ms. YIP, taking the Attaché position, was not eligible to stay in the Athletes’ Village.  The Federation had informed HKSU in writing of the above before departure, and HKSU had read and agreed to the arrangement.

3. The Federation did not receive any written application on requesting a team doctor from HKSU

The coach and the athlete stated that they had requested to add a team doctor in the Delegation to Sochi.  After checking our record, it was found that HKSU did not submit any written application on the above request.  The record also shows that there was no team doctor in the Hong Kong Delegation of 2002, 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympic Games.  In fact, the Federation was just been informed through the media yesterday about the request of HKSU on having a team doctor in the Delegation.

After learned the athlete’s situation, the Headquarter Officials had immediately tried their best to assist the Hong Kong athlete, including the Chef de Mission accompaning the Chairperson of HKSU and the Coach to buy the elastic bandage, unfortunately they returned empty-handed.  In fact, the hospital located in the Athletes’ Village provided all range of medical services, including physiotherapy and even emergency hospital delivery service.  In this case, the Federation has the responsibility to clarity the truth for the SWOGOC.

According to the common practice, in order to ensure that the athlete is physically fit to participate in a high-level competition, the Federation would, upon receiving a detailed body-check report submitted by the Hong Kong Sports Institute, approve the athlete to participate in the Games.  This arrangement has all along been accepted by all stakeholders.   

4. Job duties of the Chef de Mission and Headquarter Official

According to the rules and regulations of the International Multi-Sports Games, each country and region should nominate a Chef de Mission to lead the delegation.  Mr. Ronnie M.C. WONG, who had attended a number of international sports events, including Olympic games, Asian Games and East Asian Games etc., is experienced in participating and taking a leading role in sports events.  Moreover, during the Munich 1972 Olympic Games, guerrillas broke into the Olympic Village.  Mr. WONG was among the hostages of the Hong Kong Delegation at that time, eventually, he could leave the scene safely.

The workload of the Chef de Mission and Headquarter Official was very heavy, their  duties included inspection of training and competition venues, participation of ceremonies and taking care of the administration, venues, accommodations, transportation and protocol etc.  Apart from attending all Chef de Mission Meetings during the Games, they are required to submit report of the Hong Kong, China Delegation upon his return to Hong Kong.  In addition, the Headquarter Official was present in all training sessions and formal competition during the Games, not only cheered up the Hong Kong athlete, but also got prepared to provide support for him when needed.  Before the formal competition, the Headquarter Official would take into consideration of the mental state of the athlete, thus they would not disturb him unnecessary.  

The Federation takes the responsibility of Hong Kong athletes to participate in International Multi-sports Games, to provide all kinds of assistance if possible, and is open to criticism or comments.  The Federation upholds the principle of “rectifying mishaps and fostering merits” and it treats the benefits of the athletes as top priority by providing appropriate support to Hong Kong athletes whenever possible.  However, The Federation would not accept any coverage deviated from the truth. 

Should the media have any enquires, please contact Miss YU of the Federation at telephone 2504 8562. 


Issued by: The Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

12 February 2014