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Press Release of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China in response to public enquiries on the Format and Finance of the Hong Kong, China Delegation for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games (OWG)


With reference to the captioned issue recently raised in the media, the Federation searched its files and would like to make the following clarification to the public:


1. Format of OWG Hong Kong Delegation

With reference to the public claim made by a sports personnel that 24 people could accompany a one-athlete delegate to go to OWG, the Federation, having searched the International Olympic Committee (IOC) guidelines, could not locate any calculation methods in relation to such claim.  As observed in other 17 National Olympic Committee (NOC) delegations represented by one athlete with format similar to that of Hong Kong, the Federation could not identify any scenario as that public claimed by the sports personnel.  The Federation is no position to comprehend on what base the sports personnel made such a claim.


2. Distinction between funding targeted for the Sochi 2014 OWG Hong Kong Delegation and the pre-competition training of athletes by the Hong Kong Skating Union (HKSU)

The HKSAR Government has reserved two separate sums of public funding for the Sochi 2014 OWG Hong Kong Delegation for the Federation and the pre-competition training of athletes for HKSU.  HKSU is responsible for the training fund spending to the relevant government department direct.  The funding allocated to SF&OC for Sochi 2014 Hong Kong Delegation is $650,000 on the basis of actual expenditure spent.  The expenditure included items such as air tickets, accommodation and meals, local transportation, insurance, athlete’s pre-competition medical checks, etc.  The expenses on business air tickets applied to relevant personnel will not incur the use of public funding.


The Federation appreciates opinions received and would consider each proposal seriously and conscientiously to facilitate athletes achieve good performances in forthcoming international multi-sports games.  The Federation will respond by putting record straight for ungrounded claims.


Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

21 February 2014