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Press Release of Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China on its 63rd Annual General Meeting (AGM)


The 63rd AGM of the Federation is scheduled to be held on 27 March 2014 at which the election of 14 Officers of the Federation will be conducted.  The tenure of all Elected Officers will be two years till the 65th AGM held in 2016.  The 14 posts under election are 1 President, not more than 8 Vice Presidents, 1 Honorary Secretary General, not more than 3 Honorary Deputy Secretaries General and 1 Honorary Treasurer.  Other honorary posts will also be appointed on the same day.

It is noted that the Constitution Review Committee initiated to conduct revisions of the “Constitution, Rules and By-laws” (Constitution) of the Federation since mid 2012, put the amended clauses for the approval of the  Federation’s Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) in mid December 2013 and the subsequent endorsement of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in early January 2014.  As such, the age and service details for Officers elected at or after 2014 AGM will come into effect including the retirement age of the Officers (newly elected Officers being 70 and serving ones being 80), the office holding of all Officers for the same post being not more than six consecutive terms (meaning 12 consecutive years or less than 12 consecutive years in the event of incomplete term).

On the other hand, interested candidates running for Federation Officers should be aged between 18 and 64 years (as at 27 March 2014, the voting day) and should submit their written nomination by the Federation members.  Subject to their compliance with the relevant Constitution articles, they will then be eligible to run for the posts.  Posts of Officers will be offered to the successful candidates having obtained the simple majority.

The Federation will send the relevant documents of 2014 AGM to its members on 25 February 2014.  The deadline for candidate registration is 5 March 2014.  Upon receiving its eligibility confirmation, the candidates may launch its publicity campaign by 12 March 2014, two weeks prior to the voting day.

As always, the Federation will treat the AGM matters in a fair and just principle.  It is anticipated that those interested to run for the Federation Officers’ posts for the benefit of the local sports sector will be offered fair and equal chances in launching their election campaigns.

Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

25 February 2014