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Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China announces the candidates’ list running for the Federation Officers posts to be elected in its 63rd Annual General Meeting (AGM)


The 63rd AGM of the Federation is scheduled to be held on 27 March 2014 at which the election of 14 Officers of the Federation will be conducted.  The Federation sent the notice and relevant documents of 2014 AGM to its members on 25 February 2014.  Before the deadline, the Federation received the nominations of the following candidates running for the posts:

1 President, total 1 candidate:

Mr. Timothy T. T. FOK   (Serving President)


Not more than 8 Vice Presidents, total 9 candidates:

Ms. Vivien C. C. LAU           (Serving Vice President)

Mr. Victor C. F. HUI             (Serving Vice President)

Mr. Karl C. KWOK               (Serving Vice President)

Mr. Tony K. L. YUE               (Serving Vice President)

Mr. T. Brian STEVENSON   (Serving Vice President)

Mr. HU Shao Ming Herman (Nominated by Hong Kong Cycling Association)

Ms. PERRY HO Kim Fai       (Nominated by Hong Kong China Rowing Association)

Mr. PUI Kwan Kay                (Nominated by Judo Association of Hong Kong, China)

Mr. TONG Wai Lun, William (Nominated by Hong Kong Badminton Association)


Serving Vice Presidents Dr. F. K. HU, Mr. WONG Wah Sang and Dr. TONG Yun Kai, will retire at the coming 63rd AGM.


1 Honorary Secretary General, total 1 candidate:

Mr. PANG Chung                   (Serving Honorary Secretary General)


Not more than 3 Honorary Deputy Secretaries General, total 3 candidates:

Mr. Ronnie M. C. WONG      (Serving Honorary Deputy Secretary General)

Prof. LEUNG Mee Lee  (Serving Honorary Deputy Secretary General)

Mr. Kenneth K. K. FOK (Serving Honorary Deputy Secretary General)


1 Honorary Treasurer, total 1 candidate:

Mr. Derrick L. W. WONG      (Serving Honorary Treasurer)


The Secretariat of the Federation has vetted and confirmed the eligibility of all candidates, who may launch its publicity campaign today (12 March 2014). The election will be held at the 63rd AGM on 27 March 2014.  After the conclusion of the AGM, the results of the newly Elected Officers of the Federation will be announced officially.


Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

12 March 2014