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Stephanie AU Hoi Shun appointed Young Ambassador of the 2nd Youth Olympic Games


The 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games (YOG) would be held on 16 - 28 August this year in Nanjing, China.  The Federation appointed the Hong Kong Young Ambassador of the 2nd YOG at Olympic House today (24 June 2014). Mr. Timothy T.T. FOK, Federation President cum Member of International Olympic Committee presented the certificate to the Young Ambassador Miss Stephanie AU Hoi Shun, Swimming athlete. Apart from assisting to promote the YOG, Miss AU would also lead the Hong Kong athletes to participate in various culture and education activities during the Games, to learn and experience the main themes of the YOG.

Up to now, more than 10 Hong Kong young athletes from 7 sports (including Badminton, Equestrian, Fencing, Golf, Table Tennis, Triathlon and Windsurfing) have been qualified to participate in the YOG.  The Delegation full list, once confirmed, will be announced at the Flag Presentation Ceremony of the YOG which is scheduled to be held in early August 2014.


Issued by: Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

Date: 24 June 2014