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2016 Summer Youth Leadership Camp on Olympism


The 2016 Summer Youth Leadership Camp on Olympism was held on 20-22 July 2016 at Tai Tam Scout Centre with the aims of promoting and delivering the Olympism and Olympic Value to the secondary school students.  Team building session, adventure games and lectures were arranged to train up their leadership skills, in which Olympic Value is expected to be integrated to their real life. 

Before the start of Summer Youth Camp, Mr. Abraham CHENG, Executive Director of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (SF&OC) presented the SF&OC flag to the four Team Leaders who are the retired athletes and wished them to lead the students to meet the challenges during the camp.

In this year, 40 secondary school students were nominated from 20 participating schools of the School Education on Olympism Programme to join in this Camp.  The core value of Olympism “Excellence, Friendship and Respect” and leadership skill were developed and experienced among the young participants throughout their participation of sports exercises, teambuilding activities, and seminars.

The Closing Ceremony was held on 22 July 2016 (today).  The officiating guests included Mr. Ronnie WONG, JP, Honorary Secretary General of SF&OC, Mr. YEUNG Tak Keung, JP, Commissioner for Sports of Home Affairs Bureau, Mr. Kenny CHOW, Director of Studies of the Hong Kong Olympic Academy (HKOA), Dr. Julian CHANG, BBS, Member of HKOA, Mr. Karl KWOK, MH and Dr. T. Brian STEVENSON, SBS, JP, Vice Presidents of SF&OC and Mr. WONG Po Kee, MH, Honorary Deputy Secretary Generals of SF&OC.

The Closing Ceremony was commenced with the speech of Mr. Ronnie WONG, JP.  The four teams then made their respective presentations through drama to conclude and share with the guests of their understanding about Olympism learnt during the Camp.  Finally, in appreciation of the participation of each student and involvement of four retired athletes, a certificate presentation ceremony was conducted.  After the ceremony, the officiating guests Mr. Ronnie WONG, JP, Mr. YEUNG Tak Keung, JP and Mr. Kenny CHOW chit-chatted with the participants to obtain the opinions from the youth group on the sports development in Hong Kong.

Issued by: Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

Date: 22 July 2016