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The 15th Asiania Sport for All Association (ASFAA) Congress ‘Achieving “Sport for All” through Olympic Education’


The 15th Asiania Sport for All Association (ASFAA) Congress was held by Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (SF&OC) on 22-24 June 2018 at the Lecture Theatre of Olympic House. The Congress successfully attracted over 200 participants which include more than 60 overseas guests and 160 local participants. A higher rate of participation was recorded in the second day as more participants joined the event in the Saturday weekend.

The 15th ASFAA Congress aims to expand participants’ horizons and better promote a sporting culture in Hong Kong / Asia and the Oceania region through Olympic Education. Like-minded people coming from over 20 countries / cities gathered together in the Lecture Theatre of the Olympic House to attend the Opening Ceremony officiated by:

  • Mr. Timothy FOK, GBS, JP, President of Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of HK, China;
  • Mr. PUN Weng Kun, President of Asiania Sport For All Association (ASFAA);
  • Dr. Juho CHANG, President of The Association For International Sport for All (TAFISA);
  • Ms. Ida LEE, JP, Acting Director of Leisure and Cultural Services Department;
  • Mr. YEUNG Tak Keung, JP, Commissioner for Sport of Home Affairs Bureau;
  • Mr. MA Fung Kwok, SBS, JP, Legislative Councillor;
  • Mr. Ronnie WONG, JP, Hon. Secretary General of SF&OC; and
  • Mr. WONG Po Kee, MH, Chairperson of the 15th ASFAA Congress Organizing Committee

In his Opening Remarks, Mr. Timothy FOK said that: “It is our goal to motivate people from all walks of life to participate in sport, adopt and live by the Olympic Values.” He asked participants to “build a community that is healthier, livelier, and stronger. “Only when the persons of a community are strong is that community strong.” He further highlighted the recent news on PyeongChang Olympics in Korea - allowing us to witness the power of sport in peace-making: Sports have opened up dialogues and opportunities for coordination between countries, and led us towards achieving a common goal, the result has exceeded our expectations and the limits of our imagination.

The Commissioner for Sports, Mr. YEUNG Tak Keung, JP explained the policy initiatives to promote Sport for All, both to support elite sports development and to make Hong Kong a hub for major international sports events. Mr. YEUNG shared with participants how “Sport for All” complements the other two policy objectives in the past years and in the years ahead.

The Congress invited six prominent Speakers and all of them had delivered their speeches in the 2-day Congress. The Speakers were namely,

  • Mr. Wolfgang BAUMANN (Secretary General of TAFISA),
  • Professor REN Hai (Professor, Beijing Sports University, China),
  • Mr. Finn BERGGREN (President of Gerlev PE & Sports Academy, Denmark),
  • Professor Yasuo YAMAGUCHI (Professor, Kobe University, Japan),
  • Mrs. Rakafet ARIELI (Clinical and Sport Dietitian, Sports Medicine Centre, Israel), and
  • Professor Keith GEORGE (Professor, Liverpool John Moores University, UK).

The Organising Committee would like to express thanks to the following including:

Subvented Organisation The Home Affairs Bureau Arts and Sports Development Fund,  key sponsor New World Development Company Ltd. Other sponsors include: Kampery Group “Kam Cha”, Vitamin Boost Global Ltd, MCM Marketing Strategy and Communications Ltd. Besides, supporting organisations include Meetings and Exhibitions Hong Kong, Leisure and Cultural Services Department and Fitness First.

Other than spreading wisdoms and delivering speeches, the Congress also arranged attractive booths and amazing sport demonstrations for participants, including rope skipping and uni-cycle performances.

Issued by:        The Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

Date:               23 June 2018