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Panasonic 18 Young Athletes Asian Games Tour


All tour members of “Panasonic 18 Young Athletes Asian Games Tour” have arrived Jakarta, Indonesia on 16 August 2018 in the afternoon and started a 6-day tour.

They immediately went to the Athletes Village to watch the Team Welcome Ceremony for the Hong Kong, China Delegation to the 18th Asian Games and exchange sharing with Hong Kong athletes. All of them were very excited for the visit. They stayed in a local hotel in Jakarta after dinner and finished the first day journey.

Today, the tour was fully scheduled, all tour members had watched different competitions for whole day including Handball, Water Polo and Basketball in which cheered up for the Team Hong Kong, China in the matches of Water Polo and Basketball!

Afterwards, they will watch the Opening Ceremony of 18th Asian Games tomorrow, other different competitions and visit tourist attractions in Jakarta. Not only to feel the atmosphere but can also experience the large scale of multi-Sports Games. Apart from these, all tour members will go to the other hosting city – Palembang to watch the competitions of Rowing and Tennis. The tour will return to Hong Kong on 21 August 2018.

The Federation will issue Press Release upon their returns to Hong Kong to summarize the 6-day activities. Besides, related photos and updates will also be shared at SF&OC Facebook Page.

The Federation and Shun Hing Group sincerely hope that the tour can be concluded successfully and bring the valuable experience to all tour members.

Issued by:       Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China and Shun Hing Group
Date:              17 Aug 2018