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“Olympic Voice of Hong Kong” ------- First SF&OC Newsletter Published


The inaugural issue of “Olympic Voice of Hong Kong”, the official newsletter of Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (Federation), has been released today to publicize the Federation and its 76 National Sports Associations on Olympic Movement and sports promotion in Hong Kong. 

“With the gifts and dedication of the athletes, Hong Kong continues to shine on the global sports scene.  This “Voice” in solidarity serves not only a platform for sports community to go faster, reach higher and be stronger, but also for the spirit of Olympic extending to the lives in the community of Hong Kong”, stated by Mr. Timothy T.T. FOK, GBS, JP, President of the Federation.

The Newsletter covers the previews of Rio 2016 Olympic Games and Hong Kong’s athletes’ road to Rio; local and international sports competitions and events for sports development and Olympic movement.  In addition, an abstract of the Newsletter was published in SingTao Daily today to outreach the general public.  Both full version and newspaper version of the Newsletter can be viewed/downloaded from the hyperlinks as follows:

“Olympic Voice of Hong Kong” Full version:

“Olympic Voice of Hong Kong” Newspaper version:


Issued by: Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

Date: 29 October 2015