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Support for the Funding Request for the Kai Tak Sports Park


Approval procedures for the funding request for the Kai Tak Sports Park has reached the final stage.  The LegCo’s Public Works Subcommittee passed the funding request on 31 May and the proposal would be considered at the Finance Committee on 16 June at the earliest. 

The scarcity of sports venues in Hong Kong is a well-known fact and preparations for the Kai Tak Sports Park has lasted for more than ten years.  We believe that the completion of Kai Tak Sports Park could help ameliorate citizens’ needs for more sports venues for mega sports events, thereby bringing Hong Kong up to par with neighbouring areas and enhancing the sporting standards of Hong Kong in the long run. 

We have prepared a joint letter to LegCo Members.  Once Officers and representatives of National Sports Associations have signed it, the letter will be sent to all LegCo Members via the LegCo Secretariat.  We hope they will actively support the funding request such that it can be passed at the Finance Committee.

Issued by: Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

Date:       8 June 2017