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Update about the Issue of Karatedo Federation


The Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (Federation) received the submission from the Karatedo Federation of Hong Kong, China (KFHKC) on 13 April 2018 concerning their preliminary improvement plans.  The letter also requested one further month for compilation of the detailed improvement plans, as well as sought SF&OC’s guideline to proceed with the nomination of Karatedo athletes to the 18th Asian Games (Games).

After an immediate review by the Board of Officers of the Federation, in order to minimize the impact of the disciplinary proceeding to athletes’ participation in the Games and in the best interest of athletes, the Board of Officers sent a reply letter to KFHKC on 17 April 2018 requesting their agreement to the following:

1. The selection shall be extended to all athletes via an open application process;

2. The members / judges in your selection committee for the Games shall include at least 50% from outside of your Association;


3. Two independent observers shall be appointed by the Federation to oversee the selection process and to agree with the final

    nomination list.

The Board of Officers demand KFHKC to reply prior to 20 April 2018, thus the athletes will be selected in a fair manner to represent Hong Kong, China in the Games in August 2018.  The Federation will continue to monitor KFHKC’s progress on the preparation of the improvement plans and reserves the right to restore the Special Resolution 1 and 2 * originally proposed at the General Meeting on 26 March 2018.

Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

18 April 2018


* Please click for the resolution resolved at the General Meeting on 26 March 2018.