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“Panasonic 18 Young Athletes Asian Games Tour” was concluded successfully


Sponsored by Shun Hing Group and organized by the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (SF&OC), the 6-day “Panasonic 18 Young Athletes Asian Games Tour” was concluded successfully, all members have returned Hong Kong at noon on 21 August 2018.

“Panasonic 18 Young Athletes Asian Games Tour” kicked-off in the morning of 16 August 2018. All 18 young athletes were guided by Mr. WONG Kam Po to watch different events and competitions of the 18th Asian Games in the two hosting cities – Jakarta and Palembang, these included visiting Athletes Village, watching the Team Welcome Ceremony for the Hong Kong, China Delegation, Opening Ceremony of the 18th Asian Games, and a number of matches such as Handball, Water Polo, Basketball, Swimming, Badminton, Rowing and Tennis in which the tour members became the cheering team in the matches of Water Polo, Basketball, Badminton, Rowing and Tennis to support for the Team Hong Kong, China. All of them thanked Shun Hing Group for sponsoring this tour and treasured the opportunity to experience the live atmosphere. They hoped that they could compete in the same scale of Games in one day.

Apart from these, the tour has been arranged to visit some tourist attractions in Jakarta and Palembang in the spare time like The National Museum and The National Monument etc. to communicate with local citizens, so as to understand more about the culture of the two hosting cities and feel the different experience in the journey.

Mr. WONG Ming Hong, one of the participating swimming athletes mentioned “I saw a big distance between me and the top swimming athletes in Asia, I hoped that I could breakthrough myself in the upcoming training and competition to step up into a larger scale of competitions in Asia”.

Ms. ALI Sun Yi, one of the participating gymnastics athletes said “it was a valuable chance to visit a large-scaled multi-Sports Games to feel the atmosphere, I would work harder to strive for my next opportunity to compete in the Asian Games”.

The tour guide Mr. WONG Kam Po also expressed his feeling after the tour “In this tour, I could bring these young athletes to the Asian Games venue and experienced with them together, I saw that they enjoyed the journey and believed that they had already gained a lot”.

Related photos and videos about the tour can be found in the official SF&OC Facebook Page.

The Federation would like to take this chance to express our gratitude again to Shun Hing Group for sponsoring this meaningful tour so that our local young athletes can gain from this experience.

Issued by:       Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China and Shun Hing Group
Date:              22 Aug 2018