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Election of the SF&OC Athletes Committee Members Nominated by NSAs (2018 - 2022)


Regarding the Athletes Committee Members for the term 2018-2022, the Federation has received five valid nominations in the Olympic Games sports category and two valid nominations in the Asian Games sports category as follows:

Olympic Games sports category (no. of posts: 3)

        Nominated by                                                                  Name of Nominee

1      Hong Kong, China Rowing Association                            LEE Ka Man#

2      The Gymnastics Association of Hong Kong, China          SHEK Wai Hung

3      Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association Limited            CHAN Ming Tai

4      Hong Kong Triathlon Association                                     LEE Chi Wo Daniel#

5      Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association                    SZE Hang Yu

#Incumbent Athletes Committee member

Asian Games sports category (no. of posts: 2)

        Nominated by                                                                 Name of Nominee

1      Hong Kong Wushu Union Limited                                    GENG Xiaoling

2      Self-nomination*                                                               MA Man Sum

*Since the membership of the Karatedo Federation of Hong Kong, China Limited has been suspended, Karatedo athletes may nominate themselves.

Since the number of valid nominations (5) exceeds the number of posts (3) in the Olympic Games sports category, an election will be held to elect candidates to fill the three available posts.  The two nominees in the Asian Games sports category will automatically fill the two posts in that category. 

The voting period will last from 16 October to 7 November 2018.  Eligible voters in the Olympic Games sports category shall receive instructions on voting and they may log onto the online voting system to vote.  For details, please refer to the Election Guidelines, Profiles of Candidates and Updated Membership Composition of the Athletes Committee at the bottom of this notice. 

Election results will be announced within seven days after the end of the voting period.  For enquiries, please contact Ms. Sonia WONG of the Federation Secretariat at 2504-8520.

Secretariat, Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

15 October 2018


1 Election Guidelines.pdf

2 Profiles of Candidates.pdf

3 Updated Membership Composition of Athletes Committee (2018-2022).pdf