Vision, Mission, Objectives
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To become a leader in sport by bringing a National Olympic Committee (NOC) and the National Sports Associations (NSA) together as part of the Olympic family in Hong Kong.



To develop and promote Olympic Movement in Hong Kong in accordance with the Olympic Charter.



1.To promote the interests of sports in Hong Kong;

2.To form and stimulate public opinions in favour of the provision of proper and better facilities for the practice of all sports;

3.To approve and enforce uniform laws for the encouragement and regulation of sports in Hong Kong and to deal with any infringements thereof and to reconcile or arbitrate in any differences which may arise between national associations or groups therein;

4.To coordinate all local sports organizations in the promotion of “Sport for All” and to encourage every citizen to engage in daily participation in physical activities for at least 30 minutes;

5.To affiliate with any worldwide or regional organizations dedicated to the promotion of international competitions;

6.To foster the spirit of the Olympic Games, which is friendship between peoples, by means of sport;

7.To undertake the organization of international competitions and to promote Hong Kong's participation in them;

8.To approve the selection and to control Hong Kong's representation in all Olympic Games, Asian Games, East Asian Games, all other international and regional games;

9.To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.



SF&OC Constitution, Rules and By-laws effective 17 Dec. 2013