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1.   To promote public interests in sporting activities in Hong Kong, through the organization of various sports events and competitions,
      to achieve a healthier lifestyle;

2.   To encourage and reflect public opinions in asking government to provide more proper and better facilities for the practice of all sports;

3.   To reconcile or arbitrate in any differences which may arise between national sports associations or groups therein;

4.   To coordinate all local sports organizations in the promotion of sports at different levels from leisure to elite,
      to attain the ultimate goal of “Sport for All”;

5.   To work in conjunction with other global and regional organizations dedicated to the promotion of international competitions;

6.   To foster Olympism, which promotes friendship, solidarity and fair play through sports;

7.   To undertake the organization of international competitions and to support Hong Kong athletes’ participation in them;

8.   To select and send Hong Kong, China delegations to all multi-sports Games, including the Olympic Games, Asian Games,
      and East Asian Youth Games, etc.; and

9.   To do all such other things to attain the above goals.



SF&OC Constitution, Rules and By-laws effective 17 Dec. 2013