National Sports Associations
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  1. Hong Kong Tug of War Association Limited    
  2. Victoria Recreation Club    
  3. South China Athletic Association    
  4. Chinese Young Men's Christian Association of Hong Kong    
  5. Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association Limited    
  6. Hong Kong Fencing Association    
  7. The Gymnastics Association of Hong Kong, China    
  8. Handball Association of Hong Kong, China Limited    
  9. Hong Kong, China Rowing Association    
  10. Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association    
  11. The Hong Kong Weightlifting and Powerlifting Association Limited    
  12. Hong Kong Archery Association    
  13. Hong Kong Badminton Association Limited    
  14. Hong Kong Basketball Association    
  15. Hong Kong Boxing Association    
  16. Hong Kong Canoe Union    
  17. The Cycling Association of Hong Kong, China Limited    
  18. The Hong Kong Football Association Limited    
  19. The Hong Kong Hockey Association    
  20. Hong Kong Equestrian Federation    
  21. The Judo Association of Hong Kong, China    
  22. Volleyball Association of Hong Kong, China Limited    
  23. Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association    
  24. Hong Kong Miniature Football Association Limited    
  25. Hong Kong Shooting Association    
  26. Hong Kong Softball Association    
  27. Hong Kong Table Tennis Association    
  28. Hong Kong Tennis Association Limited    
  29. Hong Kong Sailing Federation    
  30. Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress Limited    
  31. Hong Kong Wushu Union Limited    
  32. Hong Kong Rugby Union    
  33. Hong Kong Squash    
  34. The Karatedo Federation of Hong Kong, China Limited    
  35. Hong Kong Kendo Association Limited    
  36. Hong Kong Little League Limited    
  37. Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation    
  38. Hong Kong Paralympic Committee & Sports Association for the Physically Disabled    
  39. Hong Kong Sports Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability    
  40. Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Dragon and Lion Dance Association Limited    
  41. Hong Kong Taekwondo Association    
  42. Orienteering Association of Hong Kong    
  43. Hong Kong Ice Hockey Association Limited    
  44. Hong Kong Skating Union Limited    
  45. The University Sports Federation of Hong Kong, China    
  46. Hong Kong Federation of Roller Sports Limited    
  47. Windsurfing Association of Hong Kong    
  48. Hong Kong Triathlon Association    
  49. The Hong Kong Baseball Association Limited    
  50. Hong Kong Cricket Association    
  51. Hong Kong Chinese Chess Association    
  52. Hong Kong Netball Association    
  53. Hong Kong Shuttlecock Association Limited    
  54. The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf    
  55. Hong Kong Go Association Limited    
  56. Hong Kong Contract Bridge Association Limited    
  57. China Hong Kong Mountaineering and Climbing Union    
  58. Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, China Limited    
  59. Hong Kong Underwater Association Limited    
  60. Hong Kong Kart Club Limited    
  61. Hong Kong China Bodybuilding and Fitness Association    
  62. Hong Kong Association of Sports Medicine and Sports Science Limited    
  63. Hong Kong China Dragon Boat Association    
  64. Hong Kong, China Gateball Association Company Limited    
  65. Hong Kong Paragliding Association    
  66. Hong Kong Aviation Club Limited    
  67. Hong Kong Billiard Sports Control Council Co. Limited    
  68. Hong Kong DanceSport Association    
  69. Hong Kong Golf Association Limited    
  70. Hong Kong Ultimate Players Association    
  71. The Hong Kong Life Saving Society    
  72. Hong Kong Water Ski Association Limited    
  73. Ski Association of Hong Kong, China Limited    
  74. Hong Kong Muay Thai Association Limited    
  75. Hong Kong China Korfball Association    
  76. Hong Kong Woodball Association Limited    
  77. Health Qigong Association of Hong Kong, China Limited