Olympism Education Programme (2019-20)

With the financial support from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the Federation’s “Olympism Education Programme” (OEP) was organized successfully last year and had received positive acclaims from schools and community organizations. The programme would continue from now until March 2020. It provides substantial and interesting information for schools and community organizations, offers a diversify community programme to allow their members to understand the importance of sports, at the same time encourages the public to learn about Olympism and the development of Hong Kong sport.

Schools and organizations are cordially invited to participate in the OEP which is free of charge. The duration of each session normally lasts not more than 1 hour. The number of participants is preferred to be 30 persons or above.  Schools and organizations are kindly requested to provide the venue and basic computer equipment. Local serving or retired athlete would become the guest and share their sporting experience with the participants.

Details of the progromme at Appendix I, the enrolment form at Appendix II can be downloaded from the links below. For enquiries, please feel free to contact     us at 2504 8517.

Issued by:        Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China
Date:                1 April 2019

Appendix I Fact Sheet

Appendix II Application Form