The Amateur Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong was established in 1950. It was formally recognized as a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), and East Asian Games Association (EAGA) in 1951, 1952 and 1991 respectively and is responsible for the participation of the Hong Kong Delegation to the Olympic Games, Asian Games and East Asian Games. On 8 March 1999, it was formally renamed Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (SF&OC). At present, there are altogether 85 member associations, i.e. National Sports Association (NSA) under SF&OC, who serves as the spokesman of the sports industry in Hong Kong. 

As a National Olympic Committee (NOC) under the management of elected officers, SF&OC through working closely with NSAs is dedicated to the development and promotion of sports. Each NSA is authorized to organize and manage local sports activities in its own field. These activities include organizing local and international competitions held in Hong Kong, providing training from beginner to elite levels, selecting local athletes to enter international competitions, and training umpires and coaches. 

The elected officers of SF&OC and NSAs are selected by election and although they discharge their duties on a voluntary basis, they all possess professional expertise and profound understanding in sports. According to the IOC and IF’s rules, they should uphold the autonomy of the NOC / NSAs, guarantee that athletes have a fair and impartial opportunity to participate in competitions, and ensure that Hong Kong citizens can enjoy high quality sports and leisure activities. Mr. Timothy T. T. FOK, the President of SF&OC, was elected a member of IOC in 2001 and Vice President of OCA (East Asia) in 1999. He has held the two positions up till now and has played an active role in promoting the Olympic Movement. 

Through SF&OC, a number of Hong Kong elite athletes have benefited from Olympic Solidarity Scholarships, receiving financial assistance in local and overseas training. Financial support has been extended to outstanding coaches who, through International Federations’ and NSAs’ recommendations and SF&OC’s nominations to IOC, may receive top-level training overseas. Under SF&OC, Hong Kong Olympic Academy provides free training courses to sports leaders, administrative executives, coaches and technicians. For example, there are free courses on sports management, sports medicine and sports science, as well as the “Sports Education on Olympism Programme for the Community” and Olympism Camps for promoting Olympism to primary and secondary school students. 

Since half a century ago, SF&OC has held the “Festival of Sport” from March to June, spanning for three months each year. Moreover, starting from 1987, SF&OC organizes the “Olympic Day” run annually in late June to celebrate the establishment of IOC and promote “Olympism” to the community. In addition, SF&OC has handed out “Hong Kong Sports Stars Awards” each year since 2000 to pay tribute to outstanding athletes.