Announcement of Results of SF&OC Athletes Committee Election for the Term 2022 – 2026

The elections of SF&OC Athletes Committee members nominated by NSAs for the Olympic Games sports category and Asian Games sports category were held from 10 to 31 October 2022.

During the voting period, a total of 97 voters in the Olympic Games sports category and 35 voters in the Asian Games sports category cast their votes by means of online voting, representing a voter turnout of 22% and 31% respectively.  The election results are as follows:

Olympic Games sports category (no. of posts: 3)

Candidates                                                                            No. of votes received

* Ms. CHAN Hei Man Hayley Victoria (Windsurfing)        54

* Mr. WONG Kam Po (Cycling)                                               51

* Ms. WONG Hiu Ying Angel (Gymnastics)                         48

Ms. MA Man Sum (Karate)                                                      34

Mr. LAM Hin Chung (Fencing)                                              25

Mr. TSE Siu Kit (Sailing)                                                         13

Mr. LAM Siu Hang (Table Tennis)                                        10

Mr. LAU Shiu Yue (Swimming)                                             6


Asian Games sports category (no. of posts: 2)

Candidates                                                                        No. of votes received

* Mr. WU Siu Hong (Tenpin Bowling)                               24

* Ms. CHAN Ho Ling (Squash)                                            21

Mr. WAN Kin Ming (Dragon Boat)                                     12


The candidates labelled with “*” are elected through receiving the highest number of votes in their respective categories.  Their tenure will start from the conclusion of the 5th Annual General Meeting to be held on 14 December 2022 until the 9th Annual General Meeting in 2026.

The appointment of the other four Athlete Committee Members nominated by SF&OC will be made at the upcoming SF&OC Board of Officers’ Meeting on 15 November.  The full composition of the Athletes Committee for the term 2022-26 will then be complete.

The Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson will subsequently be elected by Athletes Committee Members from among themselves.

The Federation is satisfied with the overall electoral arrangements and would like to thank NSAs, voters and candidates for their co-operation, which enabled the election to be conducted in a smooth and fair manner.


Secretariat, Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

4 November 2022