Granting of Provisional Reinstatement of Membership to The Karatedo Federation of Hong Kong, China Limited

As recommended by the Membership Affairs Committee Members and approved by the Board of Officers of the SPORTS FEDERATION & OLYMPIC COMMITTEE OF HONG KONG, CHINA (the Federation) at its Meeting held on 24 September 2019, the Karatedo Federation of Hong Kong, China Limited (KFHKCL) was granted a provisional reinstatement of membership with effect from 1 October 2019 for one year.

During the period of provisional reinstatement of membership, Dr. Michael TSE and Mr. Nick CHAN, who were nominated by the Federation, would be invited by KFHKCL as Observers who would sit in all meetings and activities of KFHKCL. The two Observers would be responsible to:
a) monitor the operation of the General Committee of KFHKCL,
b) act as a conduit between the General Committee of KFHKCL and the Federation for the communication of the Federation’s concerns,
c) report to the Federation promptly if they deem that any inappropriate action has been taken by the General Committee of KFHKCL; and
d) recommend to the Board of Officers of the Federation to consider a full reinstatement of membership of KFHKCL.

Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China
25 September 2019