2021 Olympic Day – E-certificate of the Colouring and Drawing Competition

To express our thankfulness for the participation from the members of the public in the Competition, the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Day decided that an “2021 Olympic Day” e-certificate from the International Olympic Committee will be issued to all entrants who have submitted their artwork before the submission deadline. The Organizer has produced the e-certificate according to the English Name written on the Entry Form. Hence, for those entrants whose names are provided incorrectly on the Entry Form; or/and the entrant did not provide their English name leading to the failure for production of the e-certificate, the Organizer will not re-issue the e-certificate.

Participants can download the e-certificate on or before 13 November 2021 through the following link:

Link: https://our.pikacert.com/publish?id=610bcecf02e5987fbc4d64c9
(Please enter the participant’s English name according to your submitted Entry Form for searching )

Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China