Seminars 2021-2022

The Hong Kong Olympic Academy (HKOA) holds local seminars annually with the aim to enhance the acquaintance of different themes and the vision of sports administrators, coaches and athletes and related personnel from NSAs and HKSI. Professionals from respective fields are invited as guest speakers to share their valuable experience and knowledge to all participants. In addition, moderators with deep understanding to the topics are invited to facilitate the discussion.

Details of the seminars:


Sports Development

Sports Marketing

Sports Science and Medicine


6 November 2021

11 December 2021

22 January 2022

Topics and Speakers

1.   Develop Talent Identification Programme and Feeder System for Your Sport

     Dr. CHAN Kwok Ki

2.   Develop a Good Coach Accreditation System

     Ms. Vivien LAU

3.  Sports Psychology, Counselling and Guidance

     Dr. Henry LI

1.    Solicitation of Sponsorship and Branding

        Ms. Rhoda CHAN

2.  Promotion and Publicity

        Mr. Ken LUNG

3.  Social Media Platform and Marketing

      Representatives from Meta Platforms,          Inc.

1.   Sports Conditioning

        Dr. Michael TSE

2.  Motor Learning and Development in Sport

        Prof. Amy HA

3.  Sports and Technology

      Dr. Raymond SO




Ms. Vivian LEE

Prof. Frank FU