Seminars 2022-2023

The Hong Kong Olympic Academy (HKOA) holds local seminars annually with the aim to enhance the acquaintance of different themes and the vision of sports administrators, coaches and athletes and related personnel from NSAs and HKSI. Professionals from respective fields are invited as guest speakers to share their valuable experience and knowledge to all participants. In addition, moderators with deep understanding to the topics are invited to facilitate the discussion.

Details of the seminars:


Sports Management Seminar

Sports Science and Medicine Seminar


24 September 2022

17 December 2022

Topics and Speakers

1.      Crisis and Risk Management in Sport

         Dr. Julian CHANG

2.      Management and Leadership in Sport

         Dr. Trisha LEAHY

3.      Event Organization and Human Resources

         Dr. Simon YEUNG

1.      Sports Biomechanics and Injury Prevention

         Ms. LO Ka Kay

2.      Psychology of Pain and Injury

        Ms. Karen LO

3.      Sports Performance Analysis

       Ms. CHAN Yue Yan


Prof. Frank FU

Dr. Michael TSE


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